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Brown, Wynne
Wynne Brown LLC

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Tucson - AZ
United States

Business phone: 520-360-9392
Email: wynne@wynnebrown.com
Website: www.wynnebrown.com
Years in field: 30
Years as freelancer: 15

Member info:
So your manuscript is finally finished -- congratulations! But maybe it needs one last edit to catch the stray typo, the missing serial comma, that elusive misspelling ...

Or maybe your annual report needs a proofreader, a fresh pair of eyes to check the final copy against the original text ...

Or perhaps you have all the text for your project, but you need a graphic designer to format it as a newsletter or Powerpoint presentation ...

Or you wish you could find someone to do illustrations, charts, and maps -- or design a brochure, logo, or business card ...

Hi -- I'm Wynne Brown, and I'm here to help.

I'm the author of three books, in addition to many newspaper and magazine articles on a variety of topics, including science, health, history, trails, environmental issues, horses, travel, the Southwest, books, and much more.

I'm an editor and worked for six years as a copy editor at a mid-size daily newspaper. I spent another ten years editing and developing teaching materials for middle school, high school, and undergraduate science instruction. I'm comfortable editing either in AP or CMS style.

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer and have illustrated books, journals, poster presentations, catalogs, and technical reports, as well as curricular materials.

I work with both large and small companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Carolina Biological Supply Company, Mayo Clinic, Golden Ink, Scripps Howard, Science Approach, and many others.

I've also taught writing, editing, and graphic design at the university level, and I tutor individuals in the basics of using Word, InDesign, Powerpoint, Excel, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

You can see samples of my writing (books, articles, blog, and poems), graphic design, illustration, and photography at my website.

Whatever your project, I look forward to hearing from you. And, if your project's not a good fit for me, I'm happy to assist you in finding the help you need.

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