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Makhoul, Elise
Makhoul Editing

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Antelope - CA
United States

Email: editor@makhoulediting.com
Website: www.MakhoulEditing.com
Years in field: 13
Years as freelancer: 3

Member info:
I specialize in copyediting scientific and clinical manuscripts, grant proposals, conference posters and presentations, general academic material, and websites. My copyediting services are not limited to academic editing, however. I enjoy working on various types of non-fiction writing for individual authors and institutions, including schools, foundations, and other non-profit groups.

I work closely with each author to fine-tune his or her written work for grammar, punctuation, usage (example: affect or effect), formatting, clarity, and consistency. I strive to maintain the author's voice in the work, while attending to both basic and more subtle language issues - I help ideas flow clearly so readers can understand the message without needless interruption.

I have worked in a university environment for 14 years and have extensive experience copyediting scientific and clinical material in various fields, such as biochemistry, genetics, pediatrics, and neurology. I have submitted manuscripts to a variety of peer-reviewed journals, and grants to the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and private foundations. I am keenly aware of deadlines, the confidential nature of research, and HIPAA regulations for human subjects research.

Other Services: Edit/format figures in Photoshop and PowerPoint; compile and edit grants; assist with manuscript or NIH grant e-submissions. Please contact me with questions about these services.

Background: I have a bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the Specialized Certificate in Copyediting from the University of California, San Diego, Extension. Primary style guides I use are Chicago and AMA, though other styles are easily adopted. Computer skills include MS Office, Photoshop, EndNote, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and internet research (e.g., NCBI/PubMed). I am a member of the EFA, American Medical Writers Association, and Council of Science Editors.

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