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Eagan, Kevin

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Kissimmee - FL
United States

Email: kevineagan@gmail.com
Website: www.kevinthomaseagan.com
Years in field: 5
Years as freelancer: 6

Member info:
Versatile copy editor, line editor, proofreader, and writer with more than five years of experience in the production of academic journals, book manuscripts, article and web copy editing, copywriting, and more.

My areas of expertise include academic editing in the Humanities and Social Sciences, book layout/design, nonfiction manuscript editing for self-published authors and small presses, business and technical editing, digital publishing, and copywriting for small business and education clients.

I write about new ways of reading and connecting readers via social media, Amazon Kindle, and other digital platforms at CriticalMargins.com, Digital Book World Expert Publishing Blog, digital publishing podcasts, and other media outlets. I am also the managing editor and contributor of Trip Tipping, a site for tips on worldwide travel.

Specialties: Academic editing, education editing and content writing, copyediting, manuscript development, copywriting, book layout and design, digital humanities, Kindle Direct Publishing, newsletter maintenance, e-book technology, e-book publishing platforms, research, branding and logo design, Website design, feature writing.

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