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Vimuttinan, Angela

Santa Ana - CA
United States

Email: veemooteenon@gmail.com
Website: https://about.me/avimuttinan
Years in field: 5
Years as freelancer: 5

Member info:
Happy to work with unpublished and new authors. Resume available upon request.

Copy Editor: The majority of the work I'm currently doing is copyediting. My expertise is US English, but I can work in UK English as well. I have great familiarity with CMOS, know MLA and APA, and will happily follow an in-house style guide as long as you provide it. I follow the "Five Cs" when copyediting and will make your work as clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent as possible. (Rate: $5 per 250 words)

Proofreader: If you need something less intense than copyediting, I can proofread your work for you. (Rate: $4 per 250 words)

Free Sample Edit: Potential clients can send me an excerpt of their work (consisting of no more than 1,000 words) for a free sample edit. If you're unsure whether your work needs copyediting or proofreading, I can give you my opinion once I've completed the sample edit.

Editing Methods: I primarily edit using the Track Changes features in Microsoft Word, but I'm also comfortable marking up a PDF using Adobe Reader. To date, I've edited everything from web pages to scholarly works and books of all sorts, including how-to manuals, self-help guides, fictional works, and religious publications.

Transcriber: I've got a keen ear and can make out a variety of accents in English. My standard rate is $60 per audio hour of good-quality audio. I can work with fair- or poor-quality audio, but it's going to cost more and will take longer than 48 hours to complete. I have experience in transcribing interviews, conferences, lectures, and webinars; I have also created subtitles for feature-length films using Aegisub.

All prices are negotiable, but if you're considering hiring me, please understand that I take my work very seriously and believe in providing a high-quality end product. Having said that, I also firmly believe in being fairly compensated for what I do. Thank you for your time and attention.

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