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Petrie, Claire
Word for Word Editorial Services

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161 Prospect Place
Brooklyn - NY - 11238
United States

Home phone: 718-638-4592
Business phone: 718-638-4592
Cell phone: 718-638-4592
Email: wordforword05@gmail.com
Years in field: 15
Years as freelancer: 15

Member info:
I work both for traditional trade-book publishers and private clients. My work, in both copyediting and proofreading, covers practically every field--biography, social history, all genres of fiction, memoirs, art and architectural history--and much more. My work is appreciated by editors and is considered probing and meticulous. With a long career as a reference librarian, I am a thorough and intuitive fact-checker. I proofread with great attention not only to the changes from manuscript to galley but also to spelling, grammar, and consistency.

I have a working knowledge of Italian, French, and German, which I have, both by request or incidentally, found extremely useful, especially in fiction.

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