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Batchelder, Edward W
Correct/ed Text

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Buffalo - NY
United States

Cell phone: 716-292-2058
Email: work@e-w-b.com
Website: www.e-w-b.com
Years in field: 20
Years as freelancer: 10

Member info:
I've worked as an editor, copyeditor, proofreader, and fact checker since the late 1980s, when I began as an editorial assistant for MIT's "Journal of Fusion Energy," then moved to Houghton Mifflin to read and write reports on manuscript submissions. Around the same time, I started working as a journalist, covering everything from theater and film to Boston's nursing shortage.

Since then I've continued to refuse to narrow my interests -- I've copyedited product descriptions for "Test & Measurement World"; spent several years as a legal and business proofreader; managed a neighborhood newspaper in NYC; produced a guide to graduate school for the academic journal "Lingua Franca"; and edited a syndicated monthly column on motorcycling. As a writer, I've produced travel pieces, covered a couple of political upheavals, and reviewed a lot of jazz and contemporary music. I've also taught German (as part of my graduate studies in comparative literature) and English as a Second Language (in Nashville, Cyprus, and Buffalo).

My current work as freelancer is split between academic and trade manuscripts (both fiction and nonfiction), and corporate work that ranges from writing PR copy to ensuring consistency in computer manuals. I enjoy working directly with authors, particularly when it involves substantive editing -- really grappling with the structure and the execution of a manuscript to bring it to its highest possible level.

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