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Education Program

The EFA hosts one-day workshops, seminars, webinars, and classroom and online courses designed especially for editorial freelancers. All are open to members and nonmembers and require advance registration. Members enjoy reduced tuition.

In-person education options are held at locations across the country. Webinars and online courses are available to participants worldwide.

Information on our online classes is given below in the About Online Courses section. For details on this semester's EFA education offerings, see the current catalog.

"This is the first online course I have ever taken, so I was nervous about understanding the technological aspects, but the course went very smoothly and participation was simple. Thank you for making it so easy."

New Instructors and New Course Topics Welcome

The EFA seeks instructors for courses in fiction writing/editing, nonfiction writing/editing, copyediting and proofreading, instructional design, scientific/medical editing, grammar refreshers, and a host of other topics related to the business of freelancing and the skills needed to be an editor.

Don't see a topic of interest in this list? Suggest one. Interested in becoming an instructor? Find more information here. Or email education@the-efa.org.

About Online Courses

Online courses are asynchronous. You will be provided with instructions for joining a course you are enrolled in a week before it begins. The dates given for online courses are the dates when the lectures are posted, unless otherwise indicated. Generally, participants have several days to one week to read and respond to posts or to complete and return exercises. There is no need to be at the computer at the moment the postings appear. Some online courses include an online chat component; these chats are scheduled at a certain time each week. See the individual course listings for scheduled chat times (if applicable). Your instructor will provide more information on how to access the chat.

The EFA does not provide certificates for those who take courses. However, individual instructors may write a letter in response to a request for verification of participation in a course. Participants in EFA courses do not receive grades.

About Webinars

The EFA uses the Adobe Connect platform for webinars. If instructors agree, the webinars are recorded and the recordings are made available via a link and password for all who registered for the live webinar. Links to the webinar are sent to participants 1 day before the live webinar takes place. Links to the recording are sent out within 1 day of the live webinar.

EFA offers courses in our Spring/Summer (January to August) and Fall (September to December) semesters. For the current catalog, click here.


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