Editorial Freelancers Association

August 22, 2017 - 11:04 AM



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Clients on the EFA Job List

I received numerous very well-qualified responses. Amazing! Thank you for a wonderful service. — from an author of business books

We have had an excellent response to our notice. — from a financial services PR firm

I wanted to thank you for the excellent response from my posting. — from an online newsletter editor

Thank you so much, the candidates were all very well qualified and responded immediately. — from a book packager

This was a wonderful and painless way to find someone. I'm very grateful for your help. — from a pharmaceutical PR firm

Absolutely wonderful! I'm impressed with the level of expertise of your members. — from a novelist

The Job List is wonderful—I got great responses, and I got them so quickly! — from an educational publisher

We are astounded at how many qualified writers are interested in this project. — from a business publisher

I'm thankful for the wonderful talent you have brought our way. — from a trade book publisher

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