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I think the EFA discussion list is great and well worth the price of EFA membership! I have always felt slightly isolated as a freelancer, but this provides a real sense of community.
a Boston member

The EFA discussion list is an open forum where members can share their knowledge and questions about editorial freelancing and the freelance lifestyle. Lively, frank discussion is encouraged, as long as the exchanges are informative and respectful. Members are encouraged to feel a sense of community and to post their questions and comments freely. The EFA discussion list is unmoderated—messages normally go directly and immediately to all list members. Please be certain your message is addressed correctly and that you want all your fellow freelancers to read it before hitting the send button.

The list is restricted to active members. If you are an EFA member and would like to join the list, you must register. To remain a member of this list, you must remain an active member of EFA. We review the membership status of list participants regularly. If you are no longer a member of EFA, you will be automatically dropped from the list.


You must be an EFA member to subscribe to the list. To subscribe, log on to the site and visit your member profile. In the Password/Miscellaneous section, check the Discussion List option box. Look for an email from Yahoo! Groups Invitation within two business days and click the Join link in that email. If your invitation does not arrive, check your spam or junk folder and consider whitelisting EFA's address. If you have questions, please email discussionlist@the-efa.org.

List Managers

The volunteers who maintain this list are:

  • Sheila Buff, list owner and moderator (Milan NY)
  • Chuck Brandstater, list moderator (Cambridge MA)

If you have a question about subscribing or about your existing subscription, please explain it in an email to discussionlist@the-efa.org.

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