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Health-Care Plans

Updated: November 10, 2014

Our health-care discount plans are available to members only and are handled for us by third-party administrators. The administrators are very efficient, and new members are generally enrolled quickly. Please contact the third-party administrators for details of coverage provided or discounts offered. The EFA office is not able to provide any information.

ACA Insurance Update from Amy Fass, EFA Board of Governors health-care plan liaison:

The Open Enrollment Period for coverage starting in 2017 will begin November 1, 2016, and end January 31, 2017. Until then, most people can apply for coverage in 2016 only if they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Some kinds of life changes that could affect your income or health-care plan status, including getting or losing a job, marriage or divorce, or the end of your COBRA eligibility, count as Qualifying Life Events for an SEP. Other issues relevant to freelancers are dealt with on the page about Health coverage if you're self-employed.

Basic general information, including on a tax credit/subsidy to help you afford health insurance, penalties for not having it, and exemptions from the requirement to have it, is in the Quick Guide to the Health Insurance Marketplace. Important dates to be aware of are at the Dates and Deadlines page. The HealthCare.gov Blog can help you keep up with the latest information.

The White House Office of Public Engagement's message on getting coverage through the exchanges reminds us that:

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