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August 24, 2017 - 6:38 AM



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Call for Volunteers

"Active membership is the key to EFA. The board does not dictate, involved members do. We have, for example, flourishing chapters around the country — not because the board decreed it, but because motivated members did. The EFA board is composed primarily of members outside New York City. Bottom line? We are only as effective as the membership we represent."

From its inception in 1970, EFA has always been run entirely by dedicated volunteers. New ideas and new energies are always welcome! We are currently looking for:

Becoming a more active EFA member is a great way to network and to meet potential clients!

We often cite the experience of the medical affinity group's founder, whose successful and rewarding career owes a great deal to his active and visible role with this group. Consider starting an affinity group in a field of your choosing; business writing, technical editing, young adult and children's books, public relations, and travel are some of the possibilities. Teleconferencing has opened up affinity group "meetings" to members all over the country.

Another rewarding volunteer opportunity is to represent EFA at events.

If you want to further your own career by becoming more active with EFA, please let us know by answering "Yes" to the volunteer question (in the Password/Miscellaneous section) in your member profile. Your name will be forwarded to the nearest chapter coordinator or to the membership chair. We also suggest that you regularly check the newsletter and the newsfeed for volunteer requests.

Thanks to the Internet, you can volunteer no matter where you live! You do, however, need to be an EFA member.

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