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Online References and Resources

Updated: December 16, 2014


Shake (www.shakelaw.com): A technology company that gives freelancers, small business owners, and consumers the power to create, sign, and send legal agreements directly from their mobile devices. Shake’s agreements have been meticulously researched by licensed attorneys to be legally effective without containing complicated legalese. Download Shake for iOS or Android here.

Headlinespot.com (www.headlinespot.com): All the news that's fit to print and then some. A daily source of breaking news, analysis, and perspective, with links to hundreds of U.S. and international news resources on the Web, by media, region, topic, and commentary. [Note: Lists EFA in its "Behind the News: Media Associations" section.]

My Virtual Reference Desk (www.refdesk.com): Provides (among other things) the current time, a desktop calculator, and links to encyclopedias, almanacs, and atlases.

Librarian's Guide to the Best Information on the Net (http://www.sau.edu/Library/Research_Guides/Hot_Topics_Guide.html): Contains links to search tools, guides, references and other useful information on the Internet, thanks to the O'Keefe Library of St. Ambrose University in Iowa.

Children's Literature

The Children's Literature Web Guide (www.ucalgary.ca/~dkbrown/index.html): This is a great resource, with many links and much information. Start here before you look anywhere else. Includes resources for writers and illustrators, information on children's authors, children's book awards, and children's publishers/booksellers.

The Purple Crayon (www.underdown.org): This children's book editor's site has an archive of information for writers and illustrators; gives guidance in getting published, including topics such as agents, manuscript submissions, and cover letters. Also provides an introduction to the business side of children's publishing.

Children's Book Council Online (www.cbcbooks.org/): Their member list, linked on the authors and illustrators page, includes submission guidelines for many publishers.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (www.scbwi.org): The international professional organization for writers and illustrators of children's literature.

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Copy Editing and Style

alt.usage.english: The home page of the alt.usage.english newsgroup, with links to FAQs and numerous discussion topics having to do with the English language.

OnlineStylebooks.com: Links to dozens of style guides including the Chicago Manual and the guides of various newspapers, magazines, organizations, government entities, professional associations, universities, and more.

Copyediting (www.copyediting.com): The site for the newsletter Copyediting. The site publishes daily blog posts, provides job listings for copyeditors, and offers conferences and online training.

The Slot: A Spot for Copy Editors (www.theslot.com/): Operated by Washington copy chief Bill Walsh, this site offers useful, opinionated, sharp advice on many style issues. Sections include: The Blog, Sharp Points, What Exactly is a Copy Editor?, My Books, About the Author, and Gift Shop. This site is fun reading.


Onelook (http://www.onelook.com): Indexes over one thousand dictionaries in numerous categories and languages to allow searching across multiple dictionaries at once.

The University of Arizona libraries offer a list of online dictionaries (English, French, German, and Spanish), encyclopedias, almanacs, translation services, and more (http://www.library.arizona.edu/search/reference/diction.html).

yourdictionary.com (www.yourdictionary.com): Links to dictionaries in about 300 languages, including Chinook, Pidgin, Gullah, and Frankish, in addition to the more common French, Spanish, Italian, etc. Also contains sections of Language Research, Endangered Languages, and a fun Gameroom section with links to word games.

San Jose Scrabble Club (www.yak.net/kablooey/scrabble.html): Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary word lists.

Dictionary of Units (www.unc.edu/~rowlett/units/): Provides systems of weights and measurements and their equivalents around the world.

Government and Politics

CIA World Factbook (www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook): Everything the CIA is willing to reveal to you about the world.

FedStats (fedstats.sites.usa.gov): Searchable links to more than 70 U.S. federal agencies that produce statistics and information for public use. Site maintained by the Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy.

Legal Information Institute's Supreme Court opinions (http://supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/index.html): Provides information about justices and recent and selected high court cases and decisions.

National Political Index (www.politicalindex.com): More than 3,500 links to political websites, including elected officials and candidates at all levels of local and national government.

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Libraries and Collections

Association of Research Libraries (www.arl.org/arl/membership/members.shtml): Many leading university libraries are listed at this site.

The European Library (www.theeuropeanlibrary.org/tel4): Directory of European national libraries and their online services. Visit the British National Library, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek of The Netherlands, or the Helsingin Yliopiston Kirjasto (Finland) or national libraries of Germany, Italy, and other European countries.

Internet Public Library (www.ipl.org): This fascinating, award-winning website, the "first public library of the Internet," shows the incredible potential of a world library. Besides supplying information and services to the Internet community, this site promotes the use of libraries and good librarianship.

Library of Congress (www.loc.gov/homepage/): Our great national library. Also, pay a visit to the American Memory Digital Information Library (http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/index.html): Almost 150 years of American history are vividly documented in this wonderful collection of photos, digital audio, and documents.

Libraryspot.com(www.libraryspot.com/about.htm): A library resource center for educators and students, librarians and their patrons, families, businesses, and just about anyone exploring the Web for valuable research information. LibrarySpot.com has received more than 30 awards and honors; PC Magazine named it one of its Top 100 Websites, and Forbes.com selected it as a "Forbes Favorite."

Libweb (www.lib-web.org): You can access more than 1,100 libraries in some fifty countries through this site.


American Medical Association (www.ama-assn.org): Includes access to JAMA.

Medscape (www.medscape.com): Requires (free) registration. Includes medical articles and Medline, a comprehensive database of articles in the medical journals, prepared by the National Library of Medicine. (Medline is accessible through various sites, for free or for a fee.)

Publishing and Production

BookWire (www.bookwire.com): Detailed information on thousands of titles, authors, and publishers, and links to book-related sites around the world. Offers (for a fee) a daily email subscription service for publishing industry news. It has Publishers Weekly online and other interesting publishing business information.

Books A to Z (www.booksatoz.com): This site is intended to be a working tool to enable anyone to produce, distribute or find books. They list many resources for book production, sales, and research.

Publishing Business Group (www.publishingbiz.com/): Offers business help for newsletter, magazine, book, software, journal and periodical publishers.

Sensible Solutions (www.happilypublished.com): Provides extensive information and resources on finding a publisher, promoting and marketing your book, and self-publishing. Sensible Solutions President Judith Appelbaum is author of the popular book How to Get Happily Published.


CopyDesk, Inc., (www.copydesk.net): A Los Angeles-based outsourcing and placement agency for professional writers, with opportunities for both full-time and freelance positions.

Online Courses in Writing (www.onlinecourses.com/writing/): Searchable listing of college, technical, and creative writing courses to take on line.

Writing-World.com (www.writing-world.com) now offers more than 600 articles on just about every aspect of writing (fiction, nonfiction, freelancing, greeting cards, international, etc.), plus over 500 links to other resources, market information, contest listings, and more.

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Related Organizations

United States

American Society of Indexers (www.asindexing.org): The national U.S. organization dedicated exclusively to advancing the field of indexing. Sections include: Advice for Editors and Authors, What is Indexing?, ASI Training in Indexing Course, Find an Indexer, and more.

The American Society of Journalists and Authors (www.asja.org): Their free electronic newsletter, ASJA Monthly, is a great resource of articles and information of interest to all writers. Past issues are available online in PDF format.

The Association of Art Editors (www.artedit.org): advances and sets standards for the profession of art editing and provides a forum for the exchange of information among art editors and others involved in art-related publications.

National Association of Science Writers (www.nasw.org): Includes links to Web pages of individual members, many of whom have covered technical and computer subjects for years; and a list of their listservs, two of which are for members only..

National Writers Union (www.nwu.org) This is the trade union for freelance writers of all genres, working to improve the economic and working conditions of freelance writers through the collective strength of their members. They offer grievance resolution, industry campaigns, contract advice, health and dental plans, member education, job banks, networking, social events, and much more.

Science and Medicine Special Interest Group of the American Society of Indexers (www.scimedindexers.org/): A national alliance of skilled professional indexers with backgrounds in the medical, engineering, and scientific fields. This group is associated with the American Society of Indexers (www.asindexing.org).

Society for Technical Communication (www.stc.org/): An organization dedicated to advancing the art and science of technical communication, its members include technical writers, editors, graphic designers, videographers, multimedia artists, and others whose work involves making technical information available to those who need it.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (www.scbwi.org): The international professional organization for writers and illustrators of children's literature.

Southwest Writers (www.southwestwriters.com): This non-profit organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is devoted to helping all writers, both published and unpublished, improve their craft and further their careers. They offer workshops, professional critique services, genre conferences, writing contests, and a monthly newsletter.

SWINY (www.swiny.org) is the New York City regional affiliate of the National Association of Science Writers (www.nasw.org). Membership is open to anyone in the New York metropolitan area who covers science in the print and electronic news media as well as to public relations professionals who promote science.

WritersNet (www.writers.net): This website contains news and discussion for authors/writers, publishers, editors, and literary agents, and includes directories for each (offers free listing). There is a great Resource section, as well as discussion forums.


Editors Association of Canada (www.editors.ca): The Editors' Association of Canada promotes professional editing as key in producing effective communications. Its 1,600-plus members, salaried and freelance, work with individuals and in the corporate, technical, government, non-profit, and publishing sectors. EAC/ACR sponsors professional development seminars, promotes and maintains high standards of editing and publishing in Canada, establishes guidelines to help editors secure fair pay and good working conditions, helps editors, both in-house and freelance, to network, and cooperates with other publishing associations in areas of common concern.

Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) (www.sfep.org.uk): This organization is our British counterpart, with 1,400 members and associates. Goals are to promote high editorial standards and raise professional status of editorial freelancers. SfEP offers training and accreditation, and holds an annual two-day conference. Subscription info for their magazine, Editing Matters, is also available on the site.

Society of Editors (SA) (www.editors-sa.org.au): This site of Southern Australia's Editing Society provides information and links to the goings on of one of EFA's counterparts down under. Information on training and workshops can be found here, as well as the society newsletter and details about their next conference.


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