The EFA Education Program is excited to announce a change that we hope will enhance your learning experience.

If you’ve taken a traditional course with us before, you experienced Sakai, our former learning management system (LMS). While Sakai treated us well for many years, it hasn’t been the perfect fit. You may be as pleased as we are that we are saying goodbye to Sakai.

Our new course platform is hosted on the EFA website, making it easy to log in and view all your courses in one place. After you purchase a course, your account is auto-created and you can sign in here (bookmark this page for easy course access). Once you log in, you can click to enter any of your virtual classrooms.

Here are a few screenshots showing what EFA courses look like on the back end. They’re pretty snazzy!

Screenshot of the EFA's new Education Program platform. The banner at the top of the page has a background photo of a laptop and the title "My Courses," followed by sample course listings and descriptions.
Screenshot of sample Copyediting: Beginning course page on the EFA's new Education platform with descriptions of the Course Introduction and the Instructor.

This platform also gives our instructors better accessibility tools and makes your experience as a student seamless—no more confusing emails from our previous LMS (which sometimes ended up in spam folders).

We hope you enjoy this updated platform and the many other changes we’re making behind the scenes to improve your experience as an EFA student. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact Rose Fox, the EFA’s Education Coordinator, at

Molly McCowan, Education Chairperson
EFA Board of Governors