Social media expert Bishara Dorre’s clients include icons like the NBA and Green Bay Packers, but she’s equally passionate about helping freelancers build their social media presence. Ms. Dorre shared her expertise and a detailed implementation plan with Georgia EFA members as part of the chapter’s 2019 Professional Education Series.

Many freelancers mistakenly believe social media success requires creating a persona that isn’t authentic, and she’s on a mission to crush that misconception. “Be yourself,” she said. “Honesty is still the best policy, and it’s what most people will respond to.”

Her basic steps are as follows:

  1. Set yourself up for success by identifying your ideal client and researching what social media they follow (and like and follow those accounts)
  2. Create a content plan and an editorial calendar for when and where you’ll post your content
  3. Determine your budget for advertising (even a small amount can make a big difference), choose the content, and select the social media channels where you’ll advertise
  4. Insert yourself into the conversation!

EFA members who wish to review Ms. Dorre’s step-by-step presentation may contact the Georgia chapter to request a copy.

Bishara Dorre is a social media marketing professional at the award-winning global experiential agency, GMR Marketing, where she was nominated as one of the agency’s emerging stars. She’s served as a lead social media account manager for major brands and companies, including Comcast, XFINITY, Johnsonville, US Bank, Green Bay Packers, KIA, NBA, Esurance, Pure Romance, Lincoln Financial, and others.

In addition to her role with GMR Marketing, Ms. Dorre works with freelance clients through her private social media business, B. Social Mktg. Although she’s unable to accept new clients at this time, members of the EFA may contact her at with questions related to social media marketing.

Mari Ann Stefanelli
Georgia chapter co-coordinator