Candidates’ Statements for the 2019 EFA Annual Election

Election results will be announced at the 2019 EFA annual meeting and buffet supper:

Wednesday, June 19, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
EFA office, 71 West 23rd Street, 4th floor conference room, New York, NY

EFA bylaws prohibit any member serving the EFA from receiving compensation of any kind. All members of the Board of Governors are volunteers, as are EFAers who support board-sponsored activities.

If you have any election comments or questions, please email

Electronic ballots will be emailed to EFA members. Voting will close at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern daylight time), Monday, June 17. 

The 2019 Candidates

All nominees are EFA members in good standing. For the co-executive position, candidates must have been members for twelve months as of the election/annual meeting, or at least since June 2018.

Co-executive (July 2019–June 2021)

Two co-executives serve staggered terms (one is elected each June) to manage the EFA in all its organizational aspects, preside alternately over board and executive meetings, and represent the EFA in most business dealings.

William P. Keenan Jr.
Bill has spent most of his career in the publishing industry. He served as managing editor of Sales & Marketing Magazine, editor of Selling magazine, and editorial director for Alexander Communications, a newsletter publisher. He also took on occasional freelance work during that time for a variety of publications, and has been a full-time freelancer now for more than fifteen years. As a freelance writer and editor, he has focused on business writing, specializing in writing about sales, marketing, customer service, business management, and business strategy. Bill has been a member of EFA since 2004 and served on its board of governors as a Member at Large and as Membership chairperson. He was elected as one of EFA’s co-executives in 2013 and looks forward to serving EFA members through another term.

Members at Large (July 2019–June 2020)

Up to seven MALs represent the entire EFA constituency. MALs assist with the board’s ad hoc committees, special projects, and standing committees, and participate in all board business. MALs report to the board in person or remotely eleven times a year.

Michael J. Coffino
I became a professional writer and editor, a long-simmering passion, after 36 years as a trial attorney and legal writing coach and 24 parallel years as a high school basketball coach. As an attorney, I was the voice of countless clients, telling their stories through the power of persuasion. As a basketball coach, I used storytelling and writings to rally my athletes to perform at their best. Both careers also gifted me challenging opportunities in leadership and management. Since retiring from both three years ago, I have written five books (memoir and sports) and am working on a novel. I also write blogs, ghostwrite and freelance edit. I have long held the view that giving back to help others grow and develop is a cherished calling, as I now do as a guest basketball coach. To contribute as well within a writing culture like the EFA would be ideal.

Amy Susanne Delcambre
Like most editors, Amy’s love for stories and language was born from hearing her mother read bedtime stories about the misadventures of beloved characters (Beverly Cleary’s Ramona in Amy’s case). This passion translated into a diverse freelance editing and writing career starting in 2008 where Amy edited academic research grants and peer-reviewed journal articles before moving on to write web marketing content and travel marketing copy for major companies and convention and visitors bureaus. In 2014, Amy joined The Storyteller Agency where she remains managing editor. In 2017, Amy joined the EFA and started Creative Editing Services. Amy’s passion for ongoing education is evidenced by her having taken multiple classes from EFA professionals, her membership with other organizations (ACES, Author’s Guild, Alabama Writer’s Conclave), and her pursuit of a Master’s in Publishing (GWU). As a member at large, Amy will represent the EFA with integrity and will encourage its members’ growth and development.

Ann Aubrey Hanson
I have been a member of the EFA since 2009. It is time that I begin to give back to an association that has been a huge boost for my freelance book editing career. I started my career as a technical writer, and then was a journalist and newspaper editor. I have been a freelance book editor and writing coach for the past ten years. I have found my own personal heaven. The EFA has grown larger in the past decade, and a large group needs great guidance if it is to remain strong, focused, and viable. The EFA is known for the quality of its editors, and I would like to help keep the EFA at the apex of freelance associations. I am seeking election as an EFA Member at Large (MAL).

Dawn Husted
As a freelance editor since 2017 and an author since 2013, I’m pursuing a role as an EFA Member at Large (Freelancer Newsletter, Website, or Chapter Development). Between editing manuscripts for clients, I also freelance for medium-size companies and have produced newsletters, press releases, packaging copy, website copy, and more. I’m involved with local writing groups, such as the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and engage with fellow writers and editors regularly, as well as assist the regional advisor in planning the upcoming year’s events for the Brazos Valley, TX, region. As a freelance editor, it’s important to stay connected with the community of editors. I hope to have the opportunity to further my experience by working for the EFA.

Tara Kovach
I am an editor, proofreader, and erstwhile ghostwriter with more than 15 years of experience. As a freelancer, I have worked with a wide variety of clients, but my primary focus has been business communications, advertising, and STM editing. If elected as a Member at Large, I would like to use my experience in the business world as both an editor and a ghostwriter for executives to help the EFA attract more attention (and job postings!) from business and nonprofit organizations. Casting a wider net of exposure will benefit all members, but especially those in areas where traditional publishing offers fewer opportunities. In my free time, I enjoy reading (particularly crime and historical fiction), baking, dancing, and exercising outdoors. A native New Yorker, I now live just outside of Boston.

Lisa LaPaglia
Lisa has been a freelance editor and writer for over twenty years. She knew it was her calling when she edited a local newspaper and literary magazine in college. Lisa earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in technical writing, and a Master of Arts in Computer Resources and Information Management. She has experience in web content management, graphic design, and technical communications. Lisa is building a professional editing services business ( and serves as an independent contractor for several editorial agencies. She is a senior technical editor with a large defense consulting firm, and spends her days editing technical documentation for a government agency. Lisa is also a member of the National Association of Writers and Editors. She is new to EFA this year and would be honored to serve the organization as a Member at Large.

Denise Larabee
I have been a member of the EFA since 2014 and am eager to continuing serving the EFA membership as a Member at Large for another year. I was elected as a Member at Large in 2018 and have been editing the monthly eBulletin, What’s New at the EFA. If given the opportunity to serve another year, I would update the design of the eBulletin in order to increase its readership and continue to support the EFA in any other way I can. I have worked as a freelance editor and writer for over twenty years, specializing in nonprofit publications, young adult books, and children’s books. I also have an MA in American Studies and experience editing literary and academic anthologies and journals. However, I believe my experience working and volunteering for nonprofits most benefits the EFA–experience in fundraising, publicity, editing newsletters and other publications, and project management.

Christianne C. Mariano
Christianne C. Mariano, MA, joined the EFA in 2016 shortly after launching her freelance editorial and grant writing business Bunburyist Editorial Services, LLC ( Prior to freelancing, Christianne performed all sorts of copyediting, journal production, grant writing, writing, and project management tasks in the legal publishing and medical fields. When she isn’t making Oscar Wilde puns, she seeks to help the writing community and make the world at large a better, greener place.

Tammy McCausland
Tammy is a freelance writer and editor who has written on many topics, including cancer, agriculture and sports. She loves talking to people and enjoys learning about them and sharing their stories. She has worked for nonprofit associations, in higher education and in academic publishing. She’s also an experienced editor, copy editor and proofreader. She has a BA in English literature from the University of Waterloo and an MJ from Carleton University. Tammy joined the EFA in 2012 soon after arriving in the US from Canada and has benefited from the association’s courses, job opportunities and advice from fellow members. She would like to give back to the EFA by serving a one-year term as a Member at large (MAL). She has some ideas for new classes the EFA could offer and would like to help the association continue to grow and prosper.

Ruth Mullen
This year, I served on EFA’s Executive Committee, which reviews the annual budget. I wrote every single post for our Facebook page, updating 12,000+ followers about our services, programs, and events, and developing our social media presence. As a member of the Diversity Initiative, I organized a live speaker event in NYC. I was on the team that worked on our new anti-harassment policy, regularly attended Board meetings, wrote blog posts for our website, and made site visits to potential new office spaces. I volunteered at many events, captaining our table at the ASJA conference and Brooklyn Book Festival. It’s been a busy year—or to put it another way, you’re never bored on the Board! If reelected, I will work on identifying which materials should be archived when we relocate our offices. My academic field is history so I’m excited about preserving the history of our organization.

Marcina Zaccaria
As a freelancer, I have written articles about Broadway and Off-Broadway for Theater Pizzazz. I handle daily social media posts and circulate the monthly newsletter. Independent articles about theater have also been published in the Brooklyn Rail and Howl Round. At EdLab at Columbia University, I prepared blog posts and worked on the Vialogues intranet. Several of my posts were about theater and scenic design. So far, I have truly enjoyed my participation with the Editorial Freelancers Association, and I believe that a position on the EFA Governing Board might be inspiring and rewarding.