From the author’s introduction: “When I launched my freelance editing business a few years ago, I had no plan, no clear idea about what I was doing. I never realized that a new career was in the works. If I’d known that, I might have run in the opposite direction, having recently retired from a twenty-nine-year teaching career. I had no clue that I would eventually be busy enough to have to schedule my clients in advance. Even further from my mind was the idea that writers would be willing to wait for my services—sometimes as long as six months! This booklet will outline the steps I took in my journey to become a wait-worthy freelance editor. I must warn you that it’s not a quick process. It takes time to reach the point where clients will pay to reserve editing time with you months before you’re available to provide the services they’re looking for. What follows worked for me, and it can work for you as well.”