About the Indiana Chapter

Activities of EFA’s Indiana chapter could be posted here.

The EFA is seeking a coordinator or co-coordinators for the Indiana chapter. For more information about this important volunteer role, please visit this page on the EFA site, and reach out to the Chapter Development Coordinator, Pia Kohler, at chapters@the-efa.org.

You must be an EFA member (not a guest) to coordinate a chapter.

Chapter events are open to all members, guests of members, and freelancers interested in joining EFA, but guests may be required to pay an admission fee to offset costs.

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Chapter News

Seeking New Indiana Chapter Coordinator(s) in 2019

November 15, 2018

After three years at the helm, Megan Knoll and Vicki Adang are stepping down as Indiana chapter coordinators at the end of 2018. Indiana EFA members interested in coordinating the chapter going forward (or in getting more information about what that entails) can contact Megan and Vicki at chap_indiana@the-efa.org.

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Chapter Events

There are no upcoming chapter events to show.