EFA membership surveys show that many members consider the job postings from our Job List one of the most important benefits of being an EFA member.

We’ve increased the advertising budget in hopes of driving more clients to our Job List and our Member Directory. For the current fiscal year (September 2021–August 2022), our advertising budget is nearly 23 percent higher than it was in the prior fiscal year. This includes increased spending in both academic outlets and fiction-oriented sites.

Look for our ads on these websites:

  • the careers section of Science magazine
  • The Scholarly Kitchen
  • Script magazine
  • Writer’s Digest

The EFA has advertising placement on these four websites to draw both client job postings and new membership. All URLs point directly to the hiring page on the EFA’s website. We’re also continuing our print ad campaign in Writer’s Digest, which has been underway for several years.

The EFA’s expanded advertising campaign targets the academic, scientific, and filmmaking marketplaces to reach potential new clients with job titles including researcher, scholar, scientist, doctoral candidate, academician, professor, scriptwriter, medical and scientific writer, and fiction and nonfiction writer.

We’re buying a certain number of ad views per month on each site, so the more users a site has, the more ad views. This means you won’t see an EFA ad every time you visit each site.

We’ve increased our placement of Google ads, and we’re refining our tracking of how our job listers find us. This data will help drive future adjustments to our advertising strategy.

The EFA’s expanded marketing campaign began in October and continues through August 2022. Our Advertising and Job List committees and the Board of Governors will evaluate the campaign’s effectiveness on a quarterly basis.

From the broad array of advertising opportunities in the academic editing marketplace, our selection of new advertising venues resulted from input by a number of EFA members who provided research, resources, and opinions regarding our 2021–22 advertising program. They included Sheila Buff, Elizabeth Farley-Dawson, Tanya Gold, Kellie Hultgren, Sangeeta Mehta, Adrienne Moch, Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, Faye Roberts, Amy Spungen, and Lila Stromer.

Joy Drohan, Job List Chairperson
David Stacks, Advertising Chairperson
EFA Board of Governors