The Editorial Freelancers Association is delighted to announce that it has completed its first Strategic Plan. The plan is the product of eight months of work by the Steering Committee, consultant Elisa Pratt, and the Strategic Plan Task Force—co-chaired by Amy Spungen and Akiko Yamagata. The initial process focused on data gathering, interviews, and assembling a task force that represents a cross-section of EFA members as Amy documented in her August 2021 blog post. Throughout the fall, the Task Force held five working sessions and did independent exercises to help them to focus on the values, mission, vision, and future of the EFA.
In January 2022, the Task Force submitted a plan with five strategic objectives, desired outcomes, and a list of tactics that will help the EFA meet the identified priorities. The plan was approved by the EFA Board of Governors at the February 2 meeting. The Task Force’s work included drafting the EFA’s new mission and vision statements and identifying organizational values. The statements and values will be revealed shortly.
Creating the plan is just the first step of a three-year implementation process. Over the next few years, the EFA will focus on addressing the following strategic priorities:

  • Streamline & Systematize Structure & Governance
  • Elevate & Integrate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Engage & Strengthen Membership
  • Professionalize & Expand Education
  • Coordinate & Optimize Communications

The Strategic Plan Task Force also developed tactics to help the EFA meet the newly defined objectives. Over the next few weeks, the EFA Board of Governors, volunteers, and staff will create specific steps, measures of success, timelines for completion, and budget impacts.

We are confident that successful implementation of this plan will ensure the EFA remains strong, welcoming, and viable for the next 50 years—and beyond.
If you would like to help, consider volunteering. Elections for the 2022-2023 Board of Governors elections are approaching. Look out for a call for nominations in early April.

We’d like to thank the members of the Strategic Plan Task Force for their hard work.

Alexa Bitsko
Nanette Day
Joy Drohan
Christina Frey (EFA co-executive)
Linda Henson
Pia Kohler
Denise Larrabee
Robin Martin
Vina Orden (EFA staff)
Susan Patton (EFA staff)
Luis Pelayo
Cody Sisco
Amy Spungen (co-chair)
Lourdes Venard
Akiko Yamagata (co-chair)