The Los Angeles Area chapter of EFA met on March 17. EFA member Karin Horler demonstrated the mind-bogglingly efficient TextExpander application, which enables an editor to insert oft-used text into anything that requires it—email, Word, pdf Comments, html—without typing it out again and again. This lesson in time and carpal tunnel saving attracted more than the usual crowd. It was a joy for LA members to be joined by fellow EFA editors from all over the country, including a contingent from Karin’s own Wisconsin chapter.

Image: Left: speaker Karin Horler. Right, from top: departing coordinator Linda Ruggeri, Amy Schneider (Wisconsin), Ricardo Stanton-Salazar, Sharon Emanuelli, Penina Lopez (Connecticut). Not pictured: guests from WI: Anna Paretskaya, Joy Drohan, and Rachel Hall; Debra Soled (NorCal); Amy Spungen (Illinois); Barbra Rodriguez (Texas); Candace Johnson (Oregon); and our own Chris Knight, Mike Christie, Nichola Ellis, Brenda Klingenmaier, Tammy Ditmore, Jeanne McCafferty, Christine Van Zandt, and Heather Pendley, with coordinators Janet Long and Maria Alonzo.

Janet Long
EFA Los Angeles Chapter Co-coordinator