The Los Angeles Area chapter of EFA met on August 18. After introducing new members, the meeting turned to guest speaker Crystal Shelley, author of the Conscious Language Toolkit for Editors. The presentation covered a range of issues editors frequently come across and the benefits to clients in eliminating unintentional bias and disrespect, along with terms that stigmatize and misinform. A Q&A followed, extending discussion of how to approach clients with suggested changes, how to consider context, and how to help writers improve their style by freshening their choice of words.

Image: From top, clockwise: Lynn Varon, Janet Long, Linda Ruggeri, Simha Stubblefield, Maria Alonzo, Kathleen Kelly, Cody Cisco, Amber Dance, Tammy Ditmore, Mike Christie, Jeanne McCafferty, Christine Steele, Pam Hines, and Crystal Shelley.

Janet Long
EFA Los Angeles Chapter Co-coordinator