Rose Fox cycled through three majors in four years at New York University: linguistics, mathematics, and computer science. None quite satisfied their intense, wide-ranging curiosity, but they remained a steadfast presence in the office of NYU’s independent student newspaper, the Washington Square News, where they were a copy editor on the night copy desk.

Nearly twenty-five years later, the newly hired EFA educational programs coordinator remains an editor—and a night owl. “I do my best work between the hours of 10 p.m. and 1 a.m., so my EFA hours are half daytime and half nighttime,” Rose says. As they embark on remotely managing, developing, and implementing EFA educational offerings, their varied interests will come in handy; so will their experience as an EFA member. “It was just such a perfect fit, given my history with the organization, my love of editing and education, and my love of things like spreadsheets,” says Rose. “I’m a very fiddly-details sort of person.” They began serving in their new position on December 13.

“I’m a very fiddly-details sort of person.”—Rose Fox

In addition to their freelance work, Rose’s professional experience includes staff editorial positions at Publishers Weekly, PCMag, and Their part-time EFA job enables Rose to continue their freelance editing and writing coaching work, as well as their close involvement with Readercon, the annual conference on imaginative literature (also known as speculative fiction).

EFA Education chair Molly McCowan is thrilled to have Rose on board. “Rose is an amazing addition to our staff and a true asset to our education program,” Molly says. “A lot goes on behind the scenes to make this program run smoothly, and Rose’s unique skill set is perfect for helping us continue to expand and improve our offerings. With their help, the education program can reach new heights and offer even more to EFA members and guests.”

EFA General Manager Susan Patton agrees. “I’m delighted that Rose has joined the EFA staff,” she says. “Their organizational and technological skills, combined with their passion for continuing education, will help to enhance the EFA’s education program.”

Born in New York City, Rose grew up in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village and now lives in Brooklyn with their partners, Chris and Josh; their six-year-old child, Kit; and their cats, Sam and Alex. Except for a few years in California, Rose has been a lifelong New Yorker.

At home, Rose’s family enjoys long walks together and has established a post-dinner reading hour. “We used to all pull out our phones after dinner, but now we read,” says Rose. “Kit loves reading, so we all pile onto the couch with our individual books.” The family’s reading hour reminds Rose of how they love their business of helping authors.

Rose first joined the EFA in 2011 and remained a member for five years before shifting to working full-time. They returned to freelancing and to the EFA in 2021, and were delighted to see the organization offered more classes and had started a Diversity Initiative. “I’m amazed by what’s available at the EFA,” Rose says. “If it’s been a while since you’ve looked over the courses and other benefits, check it out. Get the most out of your membership!”

“I’m amazed by what’s available at the EFA.”—Rose Fox

Rose will help the EFA streamline and expand its education program even more, continuing its positive trajectory. Stay tuned for more information, and meanwhile, explore what’s available now!

Amy Spungen, Events Chairperson
EFA Board of Governors