Ann Aubrey Hanson

I am an editor with 30 years of experience, in academic writing, nonfiction, and fiction. My specialties are memoirs and Catholic-focused books. My portfolio is vast and varied, and I accept the challenge of almost any topic.

With a BA in English, MA in English, and MFA in Creative Writing, I have earned my living as a writer and editor and English writing instructor. I have diverse experience as both a writer and editor, working for publishers as well as for freelance clients. I have also taught fiction writing at the university level, and offer ongoing memoir writing workshop on an individual basis.

I understand that my job as an editor is to help the author to polish a manuscript as professionally as possible. As editor, I am part cheerleader and part trail guide, encouraging the author but showing the way to improve what has been written. I try to understand the needs of the author and work within those needs.

For my clients, I offer initial assessments, and then proofreading, mechanical editing, or substantive editing, depending on the needs of the manuscript. I’m quick and nimble, responding to my clients’ needs swiftly and with ease.

As a writer, I understand the effort and care that authors put into their work. With that understanding, I am able to better guide the authors toward improvement, without trampling their psyches. I partner with the author to improve the final results. That is my joy, and my skill.

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Years in the field: 30
Years freelancing: 25


Ann Hanson