annie smith


Hello! My name is Annie, and I provide copy-editing, line-editing, and content-editing services.

I have edited over one hundred books, working with authors directly or through publishers. I have worked with new writers undertaking their first books, authors of multiple works, and award-winning and New York Times best-selling authors.

Most genres interest me, fiction and nonfiction: biography, adventure, young adult (always a favorite), historical fiction, children’s, humor, memoir, politics, culture, erotica, literary, investigative, nature, self-help, science, art—well, you get the idea. I am comfortable working through publishers or directly with writers (whether self-publishing or pursuing traditional publishing routes).

In addition to editing works in US English, I also provide editing services for Australia, using their languages and style standards as recommended by Australia’s IPEd.

Visit my website for more information (and some editing tips), or send me an e-mail to begin a no-strings-attached conversation about your project. Thank you!

Annie S.

Business phone: 602-842-2082


Years in the field: 15
Years freelancing: 12


annie smith