Caroline Beetz Fenske

EconWriter International

I am an economist (PhD Northeastern University) with editorial training (UC Berkeley) specializing in economics editing and writing. Formerly, I worked as an economist with the Inter-American Development Bank and a senior financial analyst with Hewlett Packard. My clients are top universities, international development banks, corporations, and the Federal Reserve.

Sample projects completed:

•Edited multiple working papers on international trade, investment, and transportation for the Inter-American Development Bank.

• Wrote numerous summary articles based on technical working papers for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

• Edited annual reports and papers for a research organization at MIT.

• Edited economics dissertations, including at Johns Hopkins, University of Michigan, and American University.

•Prepared several blog posts for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

• Fine-tuned grant proposals submitted by the Department of Sociology at Cornell University to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

• Edited a book on the U.S. labor market for the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University.


Edgartown, MA

Business phone: 508-962-0968


Years in the field: 22
Years freelancing: 22


Caroline Fenske