Cathy McPhalen

thINK Editing Inc.

Communicating your research to all your readers: experts, grant reviewers, policy makers, patients, donors, and others.

I edit and write for specialist and public audiences, in health & medical sciences, natural sciences, & engineering.  PhD in biochemistry.  My clients draw on my expertise to communicate their research to many types of audiences, from grant reviewers to patients to policy makers.  I understand your challenges.

How can I help you get your message across effectively and strategically to the people who need it?

*Maximize clarity of your writing for your diverse readers?

*Adapt your documents for specific audiences such as donors, health care patients or government policy makers?

*Be a ‘second set of eyes‘ in checking your documents for smooth logical flow and understandability, using my academic science and health background?

*Shorten or more clearly organize your paper, report or grant application to fit in all of your crucial information?

My clients work in varied health and science fields, in demanding environments with tight schedules and often with large teams of diverse stakeholders.  My familiarity with research needs and my ability to deliver projects on time gives you an independent and professional partner in your work.

My academic background is in biomedical research and teaching.  I hold a PhD in biochemistry, a BSc (Honours) in chemistry, and a BA in economics and psychology.

Beyond editing and writing, I develop resources and teach workshops and webinars in university-based projects to assist researchers applying for grant funding.

To apply my skills to your editing or writing project, please email me at

Professional associations:

Editors Canada

Editorial Freelancers Association

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Edmonton, Alberta


Years in the field: 15
Years freelancing: 15


Cathy McPhalen