Cayce Berryman

Kingsman Editing Services LLC

As the senior editor at Kingsman Editing, my goal is to prepare your manuscript for your readers, and I intend to do that. At Kingsman Editing, we believe in quality and efficiency, so we bring a strong editing team to our clients.

In addition to an editing certificate from University of Chicago’s Graham School, I have an associate in journalism from Del Mar College and a bachelor’s in creative writing and English with a concentration in Fiction from Southern New Hampshire University.

I am a dedicated book editor who loves a good story. Though my interests lean toward fiction, I love inspirational true stories. Chicago Manual of Style is my guide, so if you have a style guide you prefer, I will need to know prior to working on the project.

Along with our three editing services, Kingsman Editing offers another, less formal, service called the Red Pen Consultation. This is a verbal collaboration that is offered as an add-on service or as a separate service for those who need help earlier in the writing process.


Please visit for more information, and send five pages of your manuscript for review and a sample of my editing.

Corpus Christi, TX

Business phone: 3612324549


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Years in the field: 5
Years freelancing: 5


Cayce Berryman