Christine G. Adamo

Write | Revise | Edit (dba "A-ha!" Creative)

Searching for your “A-ha!” moment? Let it find you!

Christine G. Adamo is on a quest to answer the age-old question: Who in their right mind would write, revise, edit or proofread for a living? Let alone tackle layout and design? (Uh, she would!) Standing gigs for this F/T freelancer include Co-Owner & Editor-in-Chief of Digital Unicorn Magazine, Managing Editor at StepMom Magazine and others.

Christine loves helping businesses and individuals worldwide advertise their awesomeness and communicate clearly. She launched Write | Revise | Edit in 2006, after serving as a Newspaper Journalist & Editor, and is proud to be a member of any organization that helps writers, editors and marketers perform better. She’s also a former Marine Corps Sergeant.

Ready to be inspired? Contact her (see Bio) or schedule a consult:

PO Box 10217
c/o WRE (dba "A-ha!" Creative)
Rochester, NY 14610-0217

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Years in the field: 19
Years freelancing: 15


Christine Adamo