Christine G. Adamo

Write | Revise | Edit (dba "A-ha!" Creative)

Searching for your “A-ha!” moment? Let it find you!

Christine G. Adamo is on a quest to answer the age-old question: Who in their right mind would write, revise, edit or proofread for a living? Let alone tackle layout and design? (Uh, she would!) Standing gigs for this F/T Freelancer include Managing Editor at StepMom Magazine, Lead Blogger for Maytronics U.S. and Contributor to Art House Press.

Christine launched Write | Revise | Edit in 2006 (after working as a Newspaper Editor) and is proud to be a member of several organizations which keep Writing, Editing and Marketing types on their toes–and ahead of the curve. This former Marine Corps Sgt. helps businesses and individuals worldwide communicate clearly and advertise their awesomeness.

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Years in the field: 16
Years freelancing: 12


Christine Adamo