Christine Schmidt

True-Blue Editing

True-Blue Editing is about you: your voice written clearly for your readers.

As your editor, I aim to be loyal to your authorial voice and faithful to the craft of copyediting. My querying to you will be kind and clear as we develop a trusting partnership. I have a keen eye for detail without getting stuck in it. Structure and content excite me. Our collaboration is a success when your manuscript is technically accurate, clearly communicates your intended message, and represents your unique voice.

I enjoy editing nearly all genres of both fiction and non-fiction and will consider manuscripts of any length. I am most engaged in my work when I’m editing manuscripts written to inspire the reader to think deeply, to cry and laugh, and ultimately, to be more in touch with what it means to be human. As an editor and reader, I revel in manuscripts that take me to a place where I have more love, empathy, and curiosity for the world around me. Specifically, I am well-versed in memoirs, individual faith journeys, training materials, entrepreneurship, raising children, horse training, dog ownership, and competitive sports.



Years in the field: 4
Years freelancing: 4

Christine Schmidt