Dana Johnson


I am a licensed educator and former scientist. Sometimes my editing and writing work involves education or science, or both. Sometimes it involves neither. But the projects I take on tend to be those that in some way make the world a better place.

I author, edit, and review educational materials, often as a science subject matter expert or DE&I-trained reader and remediator; copyedit doctoral dissertations; edit for publishing companies and self-publishing authors; and copyedit for nonprofit and for-profit individuals and organizations. I believe in the smart practice of applying style guidelines meticulously but occasionally yielding to the evolution of language for readability’s sake.

* I am both practical and creative.
* I listen with intent to deliver exceptional products and services.
* I protect and promote the voice and message of individuals and organizations.
* I respect the sensibilities and identities of readers by using plain and conscious language.
* I edit and write clear, correct, consistent, and coherent copy for readers and learners.

If you create content that deserves its proper attention and care because it guides your learners, communicates your expertise, tells your story, or furthers the mission of your organization, please do reach out. I’d love to talk with you about what matters to you.

Cincinnati, OH

Business phone: 513-417-2594

Email: dana@yourwordsonlybetter.com


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Years in the field: 10
Years freelancing: 10


Dana Johnson