Daniel Heila

Best-Ever Edit and Index

I am a UC Berkeley trained copy editor and indexer who works with fiction and nonfiction authors as well as business and academic professionals. I have a performing arts master’s degree and 13 years of experience in e-commerce. Also, I am an arts journalist, short story writer, blog author, and web copywriter. I pride myself in sensitive, effective customer service and author communications and work to preserve the author’s voice.

In addition to my copyediting work with fiction, nonfiction, and academic authors, I am also a writer with two areas of expertise in which I have scholarly and hands-on knowledge. The first is contemporary arts including contemporary classical music, folk and Americana music, rock and pop music, and video art and installation.

The second specialized area includes home food preservation, gardening, brewing, and cooking subject areas. This is a fast-growing area of digital content creation, and I have my thumb on its pulse. I am interested in copyediting in these and other subject areas as well.

In addition, I index trade and scholarly titles in these subject areas and others. Please see my profile at the American Society for Indexing for more information on my indexing services.

Please contact me for a sample edit and free estimate. I look forward to working on your project.

Eugene, OR

Business phone: 541-514-0106

Email: contact@besteveredit.com


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Years in the field: 9
Years freelancing: 9


Daniel Heila