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I know you want to be confident your book is at its best before sending it off for publishing. To do that, you need professional editing services.

I’m Deborah Bates, owner of Blue-eyed Reader. I’m a fiction book editor helping authors like you Make Your Stories Shine!

You may not have the time or skills to thoroughly edit your book making you wonder if it will be a success. I believe no book should fail because of errors and inconsistencies.

I understand you don’t want readers to be distracted by these oversights. That’s why I use my skills from working as a legal secretary for 20 years to help authors like you Make Your Stories Shine!

Here’s how we’ll do that: you’ll submit your manuscript to me for editing, receive your edits, and you can publish your book with confidence.
So go to to submit your manuscript and together we will Make Your Stories Shine!


Pocahontas, AR

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Years in the field: 20
Years freelancing: 6


Deborah Bates