Frank Steele

My path to editorial work began when I was a business manager and I noticed mistakes in our organization’s newsletters. I found myself assigned to proofreading them, and later proofreading and copyediting full-time, as my job became managing text and overseeing newsletters, papers, and books rather than facts, figures, and business.

I spent 28 years as a staff proofreader and editor, and during that time I also learned indexing, fact-checking and research, and became intimately acquainted with Word and Adobe Acrobat, and familiar with Excel, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Ventura Publisher, PageMaker, and other publishing programs. Since 2011 I’ve been a freelancer, and I’m as dedicated as ever to helping people get their message across, while stamping out mistakes.

In that last sentence, the words that I consider most important are “helping people.” I enjoy working with authors to make their writing the best it can be, in their own language and style.

In recent years I’ve edited and proofread a wide variety of material: life coaching and self-help books, religious and spiritual books and literature, personal finance books, children’s books and novels from ESL authors, and business and promotional material for entrepreneurs. I specialize in nonfiction, but I’m not limited to it. I prefer copyediting and proofreading rather than substantive editing. I’ve done indexing (back of book), OCR conversions to text, and extensive fact-checking and research.

I’m a member of the American Copy Editors Society, EFA, and ASBPE, and I hold to high professional standards. I use the Chicago Manual of Style. I’m also familiar with APA, AP, and SBL style. I’m committed to meeting my deadlines (your deadlines), whatever it takes.

After living in more than 20 countries as an expat, learning how to laugh at myself and my own silly mistakes, I’m now based near Dallas. (And thankfully, I can still laugh at myself on most days.) Contact me. I look forward to working with you.

McKinney, TX

Cell phone: 972-984-8514


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Years in the field: 37
Years freelancing: 8


Frank Steele