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My name is Hanna and I am passionate about travel, backpacking, and the best dog videos the Internet has to offer. I love to explore new places, learn new things, observe people in their element, and participate in enriching experiences and challenges.

My favorite thing about thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail was the people. Completely different people from completely different places, backgrounds, economic statuses, age groups—all finding common ground when united in their passion for the trail.

When we work together, my passion will always be for your project. My priority is to communicate your message in your voice to your audience in a clear manner. We will be a united team working towards the same goal: making your writing shine.

I am a detail-oriented, deadline-driven, dedicated worker who keeps an eye on the forest through the trees. I have a copyediting certificate from University of California, San Diego, and have experience in the book publishing industry in marketing and editing. I have worked with The Chicago Manual of Style and The Associated Press Stylebook. You can read more about my professional background, here.

Contact me today if you have a project you’re excited to share with the world. I would love to help you use your best voice. Visit www.EspieEditorial.com

Eagle, MI

Email: Hanna@EspieEditorial.com

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Years in the field: 1
Years freelancing: 1


Hanna Espie