Hanna Richards

I’m a copyeditor and proofreader who also teaches grammar for the University of Washington’s Certificate in Editing program. (Yes, I’m one of those “crazy kooks” who think that grammar is actually fun!)

I have nearly half a decade’s experience working with self-publishing authors and traditional publishing houses. Although I specialize in fantasy and graphic novels, I have a wide range of experience and love to edit a good story of any genre. I’ve also worked in-house for a marketing firm where I edited B2B content, including e-books, for well-known tech companies such as Microsoft Consulting Services, AWS, and Dell Technologies.

As an instructor at UW, I teach the ins and outs of grammar to up-and-coming editors. We cover topics such as sentence geography, subject-verb agreement, parallelism, parts of speech, punctuation, common writing pitfalls, and more. I can talk for hours about my favorite punctuation marks and the joys of using the subjunctive mood, and I’m fortunate to be able to—or at least attempt to—pass my love for grammar on to my students.

As an editor, I strive to enhance your manuscript by eliminating errors, not your voice.

What I look for when copyediting:

  • Obvious gaps in logic and larger inconsistencies (e.g., page 16 says that a character has one sister, but on page 114 that character suddenly has a brother)
  • Confusing or awkward phrasing
  • Consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, italics, and capitalization
  • Errors with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax
What I look for when proofreading:
  • Consistency in layout and main design components (running heads, footers, chapter headings, folios, etc.)
  • Consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, italics, and capitalization
  • In-text design errors (bad line breaks, stacks, widows, orphans, etc.)
  • Text errors (missing text, words, or punctuation, correct use of homophones, etc.)
  • Glaring, non-subjective grammatical errors
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Seattle, WA

Email: hrichards.edit@gmail.com

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Years in the field: 5
Years freelancing: 5


Hanna Richards