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Hannah de Keijzer

I’m Hannah de Keijzer (deh-KAI-zer…it’s easier than it looks). I help nonfiction authors and artists share bold ideas in writing they’re proud of.

I specialize in developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading, producing manuscripts that are clean, clear, and compelling. A long history of creative collaboration and over ten years of editing experience let me guide books into their best possible form: engaging and satisfying for both writer and reader.

I also serve as a writing catalyst and process facilitator through The Partnership, generative, enlivening, and deeply supportive collaborations for nonfiction writers and artists.

Primary Services:

  • Developmental or substantive editing. I burrow into the bones of your draft, reorganizing structure and reworking content, to help you hook and hold your intended readers.
  • Line editing and copyediting. After the structural work is done, I comb through your manuscript line by line, word by word, to make your voice strong and your ideas clear. I check for style continuity, address the phrases that stick out like a basketball player in an elementary school, and ensure all the details are consistent. Let’s make this text flow!
  • Proofreading. Typos bother me. A footnote refers to Rule 112(6) but should refer to Rule 112(b)? I’m on it.
  • The Partnership. Wouldn’t it feel good to have a partner actively helping you energize the creative process and strengthen your writing? I’m here for you.

I work on a broad range of nonfiction—everything from law to race to photography to artist statements—but I’m especially interested in working on manuscripts that reshape our understanding of ideas, science, culture, and objects. I also love helping whimsical, unique, or small-run books find their way into the world. If you have an unusual project that could use an editor or collaborator, send it my way!

As a former professional performing artist, I know from long experience the skill, effort, time, and emotional labor required to bring a creative idea from possibility to reality.

We all hit the vulnerable point of needing a meticulous, supportive outside eye to help us turn our something into the very best something it can be.

I’d love to be that outside eye for you.

Yes, editing is a rigorous process. But I’m here to make it something else, too: a boost of energy, an enlivening process of collaboration, and a chance for you to get excited about your manuscript all over again.

To learn more about me and my work, visit my website.

“What a professional, careful, and thoughtful editor! The books and my writing are taken to the next level because of her skill and dedication.” -Shubha Ghosh, author

Hoboken, NJ


Years in the field: 17
Years freelancing: 17

hannah.de keijzer.26649

Hannah de Keijzer