Henry Gustavo Fuentes

Henry G. Fuentes

Southern California-based editor/writer brings more than three decades of major media experience to editing assignments that include textbooks, corporate and educational communications, and newsletters, with a focus on turning text into tighter, cleaner copy while always maintaining the writer’s style.

I have over several years edited numerous textbooks for a San Diego-based academic publisher, including on such topics as sociology, religion, politics, the law, crime, and health.

My background includes 16 years as a copy editor at the Los Angeles Times (1990-2006), including editing of the opinion and editorial pages, and 3 1/2 years as chief copy editor of the op-ed pages at The San Diego Union-Tribune (2006-09), an assignment that included the editing of opinion pieces, editorials, and turning often lengthy and poorly written letters into concise letters with corrected grammar and improved clarity while retaining the writer’s message. I’ve also been a reporter (10 years at a large metro daily).  I am very deadline-conscious.

Email: hgfuentes@yahoo.com

Years in the field: 33
Years freelancing: 10


Henry Fuentes