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Janette Van Gruisen

Developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading.

My job is to guide a writing project from rough first draft to polished final draft, and I’m prepared to jump in at any stage of the process.

My authors and clients are scholars, writers of literary fiction, nonfiction, and creative nonfiction, as well as business professionals. I edit dissertations, journal articles, book manuscripts, and essays, as well as correspondence and website copy.

Editorial support can take the form of a years-long collaboration as the work takes shape (developmental editing), or traditional copy editing and proofreading. Editorial strategies and methods are customized to each client and the process is kept as simple as the project allows.

I’ve worked in the field of language and communications—writing, editing, foreign language teaching, translating, interpreting—for more than thirty years. I love the miracle and mystery of language, and I love my work with a passion. It’s where I belong.

I grew up in England and The Netherlands and I’m a native speaker of both English and Dutch. I have degrees in English and French language, English and American literature, and International Relations. I’ve lived in the US for twenty-eight years and I travel extensively around the world. My ear is finely tuned to language and to the nuances of the English language as spoken in many countries. Some of my clients are non-native English speakers writing in the English language.

I hold a Certificate in Copy Editing from Emerson College Professional Studies Program and I’m a member of the Modern Language Association, the American Copy Editors Society, and the Editorial Freelancers Association. As an additional service to my Rhode Island clients I’m commissioned as a Notary Public in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.


Newport, RI

Business phone: 1 401 662 6618

Email: contact@jvangruisen.com


Years in the field: 30
Years freelancing: 16

janette.van gruisen.11323

Janette Van Gruisen