Jenifer Servais

As a writing and editing wizard with a mastery of words, grammar, and style, I am well-versed on the ins and outs of well organized, smooth flowing, and engaging content. I specialize in editing and writing about topics related to business, marketing, and technical communication. My portfolio includes articles, blog posts, books, ebooks, email, newsletters, papers, presentations, social media content, tutorials, and website content. For each writing project, I help draw in the audience, give them a reason to keep reading, and then, call them to action.

While most of my work has been for a large cloud technology company, I’ve also edited industry, research, and academic papers for professional journals, such as IEEE.

Content areas

artificial intelligence (AI) ● business process management ● cloud computing ● computer science ● data analytics ● database ● DevOps ● hardware ● hybrid cloud ●
Internet of Things (IoT) ● machine learning ●  medical technology ● middleware ●
open source ● security ● software ●  virtual reality (VR)


architecture ● agile development ● application programming interfaces (APIs) ● blockchain ● containers ● enterprises ● infrastructure ● integration ● medical devices ● messaging ●  microservices ● monolithic applications ● networking ● single sign-on (SSO) ●
virtualization ● workloads

What my clients say

Colleagues and clients around the world have given me their seal of approval on their writing and editing projects. Here’s what they have to say:

“[Jenifer] demonstrates passion for delivering positive customer experiences through skilled editing, and takes everything in stride (even for the most complex projects). Even when presented with tough deadlines, she’s able to deliver on time, and her stakeholders appreciate the great work that she does.”
~ T. Craft, Senior Digital Marketer, Redmond, Washington, US

“Jenifer has provided an outstanding service as [our] editor. She provides a fast and reliable contact point for authors, offers excellent guidance on article content, detail and accurate editing, timely publication and performs significant promotion activities as well. She also keeps in continued contact with the authors to ensure comments are handled and provides visibility on the readership of articles.
I genuinely couldn’t ask for better!”
~ K. Clark, Integration Strategist, Hursley, UK

“[Jenifer] has done an amazing job as an editor of [my] articles and [has] since become an essential person to bounce ideas off. Without Jenifer, I would not have produced the quality or quantity of articles that have been used around the world.”
~ C. Phillips, Hybrid Cloud Consultant, Hursley, UK

“[Jenifer] was my go to person for editing.
She is someone you can rely on to get things done.”
~ D. Harrison, Marketing Communications Manager,
International IT Company, New York, US

Let’s connect!

For examples of my work, visit my website at After you’ve had a chance to look around, let’s connect to discuss your next project! Contact me by email or through the contact page on my website.

See my latest project Coding a Brighter Future now available on Amazon! Click Look Inside for a sample of my editing (Foreword) and writing (Preface).

Rochester, MN

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Years in the field: 25
Years freelancing: 3


Jenifer Servais