Jen Anne Becker

I am a graduate student at the University of Denver, University College, seeking a Master of Arts in Professional Creative Nonfiction Writing.

In 2020 I received a Graduate-level Certificate in Publishing from the Denver Publishing Institute (University of Denver) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English & Creative Writing/Publishing from the University of Iowa. Through attending the graduate-level Publishing Certificate Program at the University of Denver, I gained hands-on experience in editing, proofreading, marketing, publicity, and book design. This learning reinforced and enhanced many of the skills obtained during my time at the University of Iowa.

While at the University of Iowa, I served as Managing Editor for two class project publications where I participated in acquisitions, ensured deadlines were met, and assisted the Editors-in-Chief with promoting the release of each respective publication. I was also an Editorial Assistant for The Iowa Review where I read submissions and made recommendations to the Editors. During the Spring of 2020, I was an Editor of the 4th Annual Iowa Chapbook Prize where I worked with the team of Editors to select winning manuscripts. Each Editor then worked directly with their chosen author to oversee the winning author’s chapbook’s editing, layout, and design.

Since graduating in 2020, I have sought out editing projects, resulting in copyediting and proofreading several book-length projects. I also maintain a blog and am in the process of establishing an Independent Editorial business: JABber Editorial Services.

Additional experience and accomplishments: Freelance Writer for the Quad City edition of Women’s Edition Magazine; Staff Writer, Web Editor, and Editor-in-Chief of The Chieftain, a student-led newspaper for Black Hawk College; Awarded 3rd place from the Illinois Community College Journalism Association for a staff editorial; Critical paper accepted by Sigma Tau Delta for presentation at the March 2020 convention; Contributing Author for Turning Points, an E-book published in 2009 by Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

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Years in the field: 10
Years freelancing: 5


Jen Becker