Jennifer Young


I learned how to tell stories by working as a museum educator and walking tour guide in New York City. I do historical consulting and fact checking, as well as developmental editing, line editing, and story editing. I’ve got an eye for details, especially continuity errors, repetition of words and phrases, funky punctuation, and homonyms that elude your spellchecker. And if you’ve got a plot hole, I will find it, and help you fix it!

As an editor, I’ve worked on historical fiction and romance, YA novels, memoirs, and screenplays. I’ve edited several memoirs for Green Writers Press, worked with many  independent and self-published authors, and was recently hired by Harlequin to work on a forthcoming historical novel, The Woman with the Blue Star, by bestselling author Pam Jenoff.

“Jennifer provided a thorough fact-check for us, drawing on her background in history. She           has a sharp eye for detail and is a pleasure to work with. The editor and author were very             happy with her work and we would definitely hire her again!”                                                             ~ Punam Patel, Managing  Editor, Park Row Books

 I love reading and working on romance novels of all kinds, but especially historicals; works by and about lgbtq+ people; books by and about under-represented groups; and anything in the multicultural/cross-cultural realm.

As a writer, my narrative-driven historical nonfiction has appeared in the Jerusalem Post,, Hazlitt, Atlas Obscura, and Lady Science. I’m a YA reviewer for Publishers Weekly, and I’ve ghostwritten several memoirs. I’m currently writing a narrative nonfiction history book, and working on my first romance novel. 

Services I offer:


This is a “content edit.” I will assess plot logic and continuity, pacing and structure, and story arc. I will also do a first-pass review of grammar, spelling, and word usage. All comments will be in-manuscript, using “track changes” or a similar system.


If you are not ready for a full edit, you may want to start with an overall assessment of your project. I will read your manuscript and provide you with extensive comments in the form of an editorial letter. When you send me your next draft, I can do a line edit for plot continuity and logic. Then we can finish up with an extensive copy edit.


I will mark up your manuscript as I point out repetitive phrasing, grammar, punctuation, word usage, spelling, and any logical inconsistencies. 


As a trained historian, I’m quick to recognize historical errors – the kind you want me to catch before your readers complain about it online! Make sure your characters and plot are firmly grounded in the right century, with the right accessories. 

Contact me today for a free short consultation or $20 sample edit!

Northampton, MA


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Years in the field: 10
Years freelancing: 5


Jennifer Young