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As a college professor in literature, women’s studies and writing, I have over 20 years experience guiding my students through the research and writing process. I’m an experienced developmental, substantive, and line editor, who loves to help writers find and strengthen their authentic voices, as well as fine-tune the structural integrity of their work. I’m also very sensitive to the nuances of an individual author’s style and intentions, and offer my recommendations as ways to enhance them. As a writer myself, who constantly searches for the right words, I understand the highs and lows of the process. As an editor, I strive to be meticulous, patient, humorous, and affirming. Every project, big or small, receives my deepest attention and care, and I guarantee a respectful working relationship and a prompt turnaround.

With an M.A. in literature from New York University, as well as an M.A. in Women’s Studies & Ph.D. in literature from Brandeis University, I offer not only editing, but also practical feedback as an educated non-specialist, especially on documents targeting a mix of expert and non-expert readers. I have edited complex documents in a number of disciplines and industries, and can understand and improve a wide array of technical arguments, with particular expertise in the social sciences and humanities. I also have experience in journalism, education writing, academic and business editing, including theses and dissertations, journal articles, cover letters, application essays (college & graduate school), and professional correspondence.

As a self-confessed grammar maven, I’m a sharp-eyed editor and proofreader who genuinely enjoys what many people find tedious – those necessary steps of the writing process that follow the heady experience of inspiration and initial drafting. That is to say, revising, correcting, editing and polishing prose.

I speak French fluently and have experience in both manuscript-length and brief translation, literary & business. I also have experience teaching ESL and editing for people for whom English is their second or third language.

Finally, as a passionate reader of suspense fiction, literary fiction, memoirs and poetry I unfortunately have had little experience to date in editing this kind of writing but would happily welcome projects line editing, copyediting and proofreading in these genres.

See more about me at my personal website at https://www.grathwolconsulting.com/

Takoma Park, MD

Business phone: 339-221-2580

Email: kathleen.grathwol@gmail.com


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Years in the field: 25
Years freelancing: 10


Kathleen Grathwol