Kathryn Schieber

BFF Editing

Have you written a book? May I read it?
Kathryn Schieber here, creator of BFF (Book Friends Forever) Editing.
Services I Offer:

  • Alpha Assessment (general critique with the goal of pointing the author toward some critical issues)
  • Beta Plus (beta reading plus light developmental editing)
  • Full Edit (copy and line editing)
  • Final Polish (proofreading)

-> A free sample edit of 500-1,000 words from the middle of your book.

I love making new Book Friends – sharing my gifts and supporting those who have a story to tell, helping them to shape and polish it into a form that communicates well to readers. My editing style is encouraging, and I will conscientiously do my best to make your story shine.

I hope that authors will find working with me – the process of shaping and polishing their stories and the collaborative creativity – to be enjoyable and rewarding.

My services are reasonable and affordable. I am inspired by the bravery, vision, and sacrifice it takes to become an author. It’s a tough business, competition is fierce, and the learning curve is steep for making writing a profitable venture. At the same time, I believe that professional editing and proofreading should be a priority for any writer who wants to be published and successful, so budgeting for the cost of that is important.

Check out my website: BFF Editing
Contact me today to discuss your project and see if we might be a good fit.
I am currently booked through February, 2020. I always offer a discount for booking two or more months ahead, for engaging me for multiple services with a single book (e.g., Alpha Assessment and a Full Edit), and for booking multiple projects (e.g., books in a series).

Email: bffediting@gmail.com


Years in the field: 2
Years freelancing: 1


Kathryn Schieber