Lia Irene Mezzio

Lia is a versatile editor with a strong background in delivering copy and developmental editing to authors of fiction and nonfiction and students and professionals, applying an approach that supports writers’ growth and independence.

A graduate of the Oakland School for the Arts’ Literary Arts department, she has worked as a peer instructor across the genres of poetry, fiction, journalism, and literary analysis—developing student talent across a diversity of skill sets and backgrounds. She has served on the Youth Speaks, Inc. youth advisory board, providing curriculum recommendations for creative writing workshops, and the 2006 Best American Series – Nonrequired Reading (Houghton Mifflin, 2006) selection committee, curating an anthology in collaboration with acclaimed author Dave Eggers. Her eye for detail is present in the bibliography of Lisa Margonelli’s nonfiction Oil on the Brain (Random House Inc., 2007), and her editorial style can be found in a variety of nonprofit sector communication materials (newsletters, websites, grants, policy documents, fundraising appeals), as well as the novellas of first-time, self-published authors.

Holding a BA in Political Science and Peace & Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley, Lia specializes in executing the well-argued social science research paper. She is a great resource for students seeking to craft a compelling thesis, wrapped in impeccably cited, persuasive evidence and potent prose! Passionate about the written word as a tool for self-expression, she also helps students identify their unique voice and enjoy the creative aspects of academic writing.

Lia is currently a student in UC Berkeley Extension’s professional sequence in editing program, an editor and writing consultant at, a volunteer mentor, and a development professional at an Oakland, Calif. nonprofit.

Oakland, CA

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Years in the field: 7
Years freelancing: 7


Lia Mezzio