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As an editor, I am dedicated to helping writers focus and polish their words to produce quality work that inspires, informs, and engages their audience.

How might I help you make your words crisp, clear, cohesive, and consistent?

  • Are you an academic or nonfiction author writing your first book, or an experienced author gearing up for publication? No matter where you are in the process, I will collaborate with you to make sure your words shine.
  • Are you a manager in a creative, production, or marketing department? Do you deal with all levels of writing but need a uniform voice? I will partner with you to make sure your products are consistent and aligned with your brand.
  • Are you in the arts writing short stories, screenplays, or theater plays? I will offer insightful observations, from character development to plot line.

I started my career in theater, working first as an actor before moving into dramaturgy and literary management. It was in theater I learned the important art of collaboration, which remains an important part of my relationships with my clients. From theater I moved into academic editing. I was the managing editor of a social sciences journal for six years (where I copyedited more than 140 published articles). My next move was to start my own editorial services business in 2011. I spread my wings to add business editing to my repertoire. I now call myself the A-B-C of editors: academic, business, and creative.

This journey has allowed me to learn how to partner with many types of clients and their distinct needs. An academic or nonfiction author writing a book or article certainly needs different editing than a manager putting out a sales brochure, report, or series of blogs; and someone writing a creative project needs yet a different editorial eye altogether.

But what do all these folks all have in common?

They need an editor who is conscientious, professional, and respectful of their voice; offers editing services that range from reworking concepts for clarity to fixing punctuation; and, most important of all, cares deeply about their words and is invested 100 percent in their story, message, or passion.

Each project I edit┬áhas its own needs, which are worked out with the client, but where flexibility, attention to detail, and keeping the author’s voice remain paramount. Ongoing clients include a journal published by the American Anthropological Association, a journal published by Cambridge University Press, and an international business. Recurring clients include small publishing companies, website-based companies, financial companies, and individual authors.

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