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With experience working for top publishers such as Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Scholastic Inc., and W. W. Norton & Co., as well as a master’s in publishing from NYU, I have a keenly cultivated and highly professional ability to clean up the messiest of copy. A lifetime with an unusual and easily misspelled name (Marinda—not Miranda!) has instilled in me an unshakable and personal belief in the importance of details. Thus, I defend proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage wherever possible.

What I Do

I happily offer line editing, copyediting, and proofreading services for:

—Manuscripts and page passes for publishing houses

—Manuscripts and ancillary materials for self-published and indie authors

—Blogs and website content

—Business and professional documents

What I Edit

I love YA fiction—specifically contemporary, speculative, mystery/thriller, and romance. I also enjoy adult-level horror, thriller, women’s fiction, and literary fiction. I am open to projects of any genre or readership, so feel free to submit any kind of work for inquiry.

Recent books I’ve worked on include:
Once and For All by Sarah Dessen (YA romance)
The Lost Kids by Sara Saedi (YA fantasty/romance)
The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart (YA horror)
The Merciless series by Danielle Vega (YA mature horror)
The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik by David Arnold (YA contemporary/speculative)
Song of the Dead by Sarah Glenn Marsh (YA high-fantasy)

What I Offer

Line Editing 

This is not a developmental editorial service. The general story structure should be mostly fleshed out at this stage and ready to begin refinement. If you are still in the drafting stage and seeking guidance for substantive rewrites, I recommend using a developmental editor.

Extremely in-depth sentence-level editing that focuses on spelling, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, grammar, and word choice.

Combines heavy copyediting and micro-level developmental editing to enhance readability, improve sentence structure, refine phrasing, and leverage reader perspective.

Flags issues with characterization, language, pace, plot, setting, dialogue, and point of view. Recommendations and flags are included in the manuscript as comments using MS Word Track Changes.

Can recommend minor cuts, additions, restructuring, and other “hard truths.” Shapes work for your target audience and considers industry standards for the genre.

Ideal for after you have finished drafting, or when you feel something is still missing and need minor narrative guidance in addition to general copyeditorial fixes.

Line edits include a style sheet if desired. Style sheet will be worked into the overall quote and are not included in the base rate.


This service is intended for after your big-picture story is approved, and any substantive rewrites in plot or narration have already happened.

Editing the mechanics and details of the your language to help create the most readable version of your book.

Fixing the manuscript of bad grammar, spelling mistakes, or glaring inconsistencies. Breaking up long paragraphs, catching narrative incontinuities (it’s light out, but your character turned her car headlights on—reconcile?). Tracking tone and style for unintentional shifts between sections. Making your book cohesive and reader-ready.

I copyedit in MS Word Track Changes, and I use the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed., and Merriam-Webster as references.

Copyediting does not include a style sheet.


Proofreading should take place after your story is approved, rewrites have already happened, and a full sweep for grammar and spelling errors has already been done. Proofreading catches lingering errors missed in previous passes. Someone else should have already seen your work at least once by this stage.

The final step in the editing process to polish your final files before they go to the printer or digital press. Ensuring that a manuscript is free from tiny spelling and punctuation errors.

Using a keen eye for detail and a systematic method for spotting every subtle error, proofreading checks for design and formatting mistakes, unbalanced spreads, typos, incorrect or missing folios and running heads, wrong chapter numbers, and anything else that previous editors might have missed up until this point.

Electronic proofreading is done on PDFs using mark-up tools in Adobe Reader. Hard-copy proofreading is done using traditional proofreader’s marks in pencil. Please allow ample delivery time for hard-copy pages.

Miscellaneous Review

I review small projects as needed. If you have an e-mail blast, newsletter, press release, or one-pager that needs editing, I can help. There is no minimum word count. Small projects start at a $35 minimum fee that increases according to complexity of content, depth of review, and turnaround. Send me an e-mail to get a quote.

How to Reach Me

Contact me now at or shoot me a text at (858) 213-9478 and let’s clean up your copy!

For rates and more info, please visit

Brooklyn, NY

Home phone: 858-213-9478


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Years in the field: 5
Years freelancing: 4


Marinda Valenti