Marinda Jean Valenti

Marinda Proofreads!

Originally from San Diego, California, I earned my editing chops working up and down the West Coast for magazines and book publishers including feminist publication Ms. and women’s nonfiction imprint Seal Press. From there, I made my way to New York City to earn a master’s in science for digital and print publishing from NYU.

Now a Brooklyn resident with experience working for top publishers such as W. W. Norton & Co. and Scholastic, Inc., I have cultivated a keen and highly professional ability to clean up the messiest of copy—in a timely, thoughtful, and friendly manner.

A lifetime with an unusual and easily misspelled name (Marinda—not Miranda!) has instilled in me an unshakable and personal belief in the importance of details, which I’ve worked hard to make into a career. As a proofreader and copyeditor, I defend proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage wherever possible.

I love to read and work on young adult fiction—specifically contemporary, speculative, mystery/thriller, and romance. I am an avid reader of and enjoy adult-level horror, thriller, women’s, and literary fiction. In nonfiction, I also welcome projects in the self-help, spiritual, LGBTQ, and social justice spaces.

-Line editing: Extremely in-depth sentence-level editing that focuses on spelling, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, grammar, and word choice.

-Copyediting: Editing the mechanics and details of your language to help create the most readable version of your book.

-Proofreading: The final step in the editing process to polish your files before they go to the printer or digital press. Ensuring that a manuscript is free of tiny spelling and punctuation errors.

-Editorial assessment report: A 7-10+ page single-spaced report delving into feedback on your plot, pacing, characters, setting, world-building, overall voice, stakes, and other core elements of your story. (NO DEVELOPMENTAL EDITS INCLUDED IN THIS SERVICE)

Please contact me at or visit for more info. I look forward to hearing from you!

Brooklyn, NY

Home phone: 858-213-9478


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Years in the field: 5
Years freelancing: 4


Marinda Valenti