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When it comes to editing, my superpower is forming a connection with my client. Listening to a writer and using my understanding and skills to honor what they wish to achieve by telling their story is what I do best. Once I have that connection, my creativity and enthusiasm for the project overflow. I love that I can be of help. I am Mary Beth Abel, and I own Abel Editing, a professional editing and writing service based in Seattle.

Before launching my business, I was a curriculum developer for CPO Science, now part of Frey Scientific. I joined CPO as a member of its first textbook writing team in 2000 and worked for CPO for ten years. I was the lead author of the CPO Science Earth Science textbooks for middle schoolers.

My specialties are nonfiction, academic, and science copyediting, proofreading, and fact-checking. That said, I have a broad range of interests and read widely. Reach out to me to see if I am a good fit for your writing or editing project! I respond to emails quickly and cheerfully. I am easy to work with and meet my deadlines.

Since becoming a freelance editor and beginning my own small company, Abel Editing, I have worked with a former CEO of Wells Fargo, a famous guitarist, a Peace Corps volunteer, a stay-at-home mom turned writer, a dog sledder who takes yearly treks in the Arctic with his malamutes, a psychologist who specializes in community building, an expert in Etruscan artifacts, and during my science education work, I wrote about Earth Science. If you go on Amazon, you can see some of the books I have worked on – (look for Mary Beth Abel or Mary Beth Abel Hughes, previous name).

I minored in English in college and always read novels and wrote poetry whenever I needed a break from my work in college and graduate school, which led to a Master’s in Biology with a specialty in phycology (the study of algae). Off and on, I have recorded my daily life in a journal, and this has been especially true during my travels and more recently as a parent wishing to document life with my son since he was born in 2016. I read to him every day and feel like I might as well say I also specialize in children’s literature (toys, topics, and TV shows, too). I love the children’s literature that is out there these days. In October 2021, I released my parental experiences into the world as a music album. I wrote all the lyrics, and a good friend wrote wonderful music for me. You can see this work on Bandcamp. Look for my band, Delightful Angst.

As I mentioned above, my superpower in writing and editing is forming a connection with my client. I hope my bio has demonstrated my love of many different topics and my ability to move in different worlds of writing. I am a team player, easy to work with, and responsive to the needs of my clients. Please reach out. I will get back to you quickly.

I look forward to meeting and collaborating with you!

~ Abel Editing ~ professional writing and editing services that keep you moving ahead ~


Seattle, WA


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Years in the field: 22
Years freelancing: 13

mary beth.abel.33330

Mary Beth Abel