Noemi Martinez

My name is Noemi Martinez, she/they/person pronouns, and I offer consultations as a sensitivity reader and cultural editor on manuscripts, articles, video games, scripts, character gaming profiles, graphic novel characters and other creative projects.

I provide editorial services such as manuscript consultations, language editing, feedback and detailed notes.

My areas of concentration are disability, neurodivergency & diversity.

What I do & don’t do

I don’t do line editing and I’m not a beta reader. I’m not a proofreader or a copywriter.

I don’t ask the writer to change plot, scenes, the direction of their work or censor writers in any way. My job is to make notes of areas where a writer has unintentionally written something they never intended to do. 

I will and often suggest ways to improve plot, representation, language, location, dialogue, story arcs, settings, traditions, or scenes if they mischaracterize marginalized communities or are inaccurate. I don’t take the place of major research but make sure that the characters are represented accurately. I’ll often cite and give supporting articles of published work of any opinion I may give.


Lived experience, work experience and education allow me to read for the following under authenticity reading and expertise:
  • the wild west mythology of the United States that disappears indigenous and makes way for settling
  • society’s views of single mother’s of color
  • Mexican American history
  • South Texas History
  • Mexico/Texas border history before 1848-Mexican revolution
  • DIY and the DIY subculture of alternative media in the US in reference to zines and women of color, people of color, timeframe 1990s
  • personal experience of zines, zine making since the 90s
  • Specific local landmarks in the Rio Grande Valley, TX
  • Specific local fauna of the RGV
  • the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas area
  • Hidalgo, Starr and surrounding counties in Texas
  • Rio Grande Valley lore, culture and customs
  • General Mexican & Chicanx customs, traditions and lore
  • LGBTQIAP+, specializing in transgender (AFAB), nonbinary/genderqueer/genderfluid, asexual and aromantic spectrum characters
  • “preachers kid” extremely religious household
  • queer identity
  • people of color/ Latinx/ racial issues in the US and society, inequality, realization of institutionalized systemic racism as a child, young adult, first generation American, child of immigrants, child of farm workers, child of Spanish speakers, child of diaspora, queer child; all previous also as a teen, etc.
  • queer, nonbinary, femme marginalized people of color
  • the bracero movement
  • bicultural identity
  • mujerista feminism
  • chicana/chicanx/ latinx identity
  • 1st generation children of immigrants
  • 1st gen Mexican, Mexican-American 1st gen Puerto-Rican experience
  • general sensitivity reading for areas of racism
  • neurodiversity & neurodivergency
  • parenting on the spectrum
  • learning disability
  • dyscalculia
  • technology in the future
  • accessibility
  • autism/people on the spectrum/ girls, women non-binary people on the spectrum
  • people of color & disability/ use of tech
  • Mental illness, anxiety, depression, post-partum depression, suicidal ideation, PTSD, C-PTSD, generalized &social anxiety
  • chronic pain/illness
  • scoliosis, arthritis of the spine, myalgic encephalomyelitis
  • extended hospital stays
  • Encephalomyelitis & brain injuries
  • ICU & PICU psychosis or called delirium

Years in the field: 7
Years freelancing: 7


Noemi Martinez