Susan Lantz

Lantz Editorial

My mission, and my passion, is to help clients convey their messages in clear, polished language. Whether you’re working on a blog or a book, I will make sure your authoritative voice shines for your audience, removing any obstacles–from typos to tone–that stand in the way. I catch errors others miss!

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to this mission. With a plethora of skills and expertise at the ready, I will work with you on an individualized plan for your unique project.

I draw on my extensive background as an in-house book editor, a published author, an educator and grammar instructor, and an experienced freelancer. Clients say that I not only perfect their final product but also teach them how to improve their writing.

I am deeply interested in content for and about education and instruction, and I team with schools and colleges, educational publishers, and nonprofits to create print and online textbooks, courses, and assessments.

I also enjoy working directly with authors of fiction and nonfiction and strive to be collaborative and sensitive. I’ve been on the other side of the desk and know what it feels like to have your work edited.

I am well read, have edited books in a broad variety of scholarly fields, and bring a wide-ranging subject-matter knowledge to academic editing.

I stay up to date on several editorial style guides and am committed to bias-free, person-first language.

Services I provide include:

copy editing
line editing
development editing (fiction and nonfiction)
textbook editing
ghostwriting and coauthoring
feature writing and case study writing
educational materials (K-16)
assessment writing
training materials
curriculum development (K-12 and adult education)
e-learning scripts and animations
e-learning course editing and development
marketing materials
social media
editorial consulting for businesses and nonprofits
author coaching

My clients include:

individual authors
book and journal publishers
e-learning companies
small businesses
colleges and universities

For a quote or to learn more about my rates, services, or past clients and projects, please see my website or contact me.

Tucson, AZ

Business phone: 520-869-4169


Years in the field: 18
Years freelancing: 10


Susan Lantz