Tawanah Reeves-Ligon


It’s Your Story. I’m Just Here to Help Tell It.

When I began my career as a ghostwriter and freelance editor, these words became my guiding principle. Writing is my art. Storytelling is my love. After over 10 years of experience as a novelist, poet, ghostwriter, and magazine writer/editor, I’ve decided to help others tell their stories and share their unique perspectives as well.

I founded SheGhostwrites.Life to help you get the word out. We connect to one another through stories, and you should have a partner who believes in yours. Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur in need of a new sales tool, an influencer seeking a fresh way to engage with followers, or an inexperienced novelist with a great idea, my business exists to help you tell your story.

The best part? You keep the credit for your ideas. They always belong to you.

My team and I can also assist you with editing, book coaching, book reviews, and more. Reach out today if you would like to discuss a story collaboration, review, or rewrite. Let’s start a conversation today that can bring your words to an eager audience tomorrow.

Best Regards,

Tawanah Reeves-Ligon
Ghostwriter & Story Architect, SheGhostwrites.Life

Business phone: 404.849.0677

Email: trligon@sheghostwrites.life


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Years in the field: 10
Years freelancing: 4


Tawanah Reeves-Ligon